Wednesday, December 20, 2006


For consistency's sake let's agree that one of us (me, Jonas) is consulted when adding more members with Admin permissions. On the other hand all Admin members can add guest Members without consulting anyone. Of course there is nothing preventing any of the Admins from taking over should I be run over by a bus for example.

NNC (Nonparametric Nonlinear Correlation)

NNC (Nonparametric Nonlinear Correlation) is a method proposed in our manuscript under submission "A nonparametric approach to detect nonlinear correlation in gene expression", by Yian A. Chen, Jonas S. Almeida, Adam J. Richards, Peter Müller, Raymond, J. Carroll, and Baerbel Rohrer. The following supplementary information is available:
  1. Supplementary Results ([link to supplementary material in the Publisher's site]).
  2. Matlab Toolbox.
  3. Tutorial.
  4. BioinformaticStation stand alone module (coming soon).
  5. Python code for transcriptional regulatory network visualization.

Mission Statement

MB is a web-based collaborative resource for a distributed group of researchers working on theory development, algorithm identification and web-based deployment of applications in the field of Mathematical and Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. The primary utilization of this resource is that of hosting white papers and supplementary material to published papers, including original software libraries.